Out sourcing TO Palestine

Ttawor IT as the owner of this site working with companies out side Palestine as outsourcing company , and also  As bedejob.com leading job listing and cv bank in Palestine , we are provide premium services for companies outside Palestine like head hunting and out sourcing specially in software in parallel with other fields  :

 Outsourcing candidates :  we are working with our contractors in finding suitable candidate , managing them  in our offices in Ramallah , providing full recruiting and employee hosting process.

why to out source to us :  

– We can find suitable employee from a lot of talented employees in the area in all fields

– using our website we can make head hunting process.

– high quality employees and productivity

– low salary rates compared with US , EUROPE  , Israel

– very specialized management  specially in IT field .

– low management rates .

how you can start out Sourcing to us : 

– we are working in outsourcing time based employees ( full time , part time ) and partially we are working on projects outsourcing based on project size .

– its easy just prepare what you want and contact us and we will discuss cooperation opportunity over skype :

You can contact us using Facebook Page for the company  : https://www.facebook.com/Ttawor

also you can reach us in a phone call : 00972-599-666221 , 00972-2-2950842

also using email form below  and we are so happy to assist you :